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Barefoot Giantess Q&A by Gigi Manor

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Barefoot Giantess Q&A

In a world where women can purchase a machine that shrinks men to 2 inches tall, Gigi answers ALL your questions in this barefoot giantess Q&A.

Is this something you would vote for?

Would it cause men to become afraid of women?

Would it change how you interact with men, and how they interact with you?

Would you choose to buy one of the devices?

Could you imagine squashing a man you shrunk with your bare foot?

What would cause you to do it?

Do you think you could enjoy it?

Would it change how you felt and thought about yourself afterwards?

Is it a fitting end for some men?

Should it be a woman’s right to choose whether to squash a man, and so shouldn’t be subject to legal ramifications, bearing in mind how difficult it would be to prove intent vs accidental squashing?

Would it make a difference to your willingness to do it if it became normalized in society?

Is there something humorous and appropriate about men being reduced in this way and squashed underfoot by women?

What would it be like, both for you and for the man under your foot, physically and psychologically?

What would your weight do to his body, and what would be left after you lifted your foot off him?

How flat would he be?

How different would it be if he was standing vs lying, or if he was trying to resist / hold you up?

Would it be different if you did it quickly or slowly?

Like seeing me do barefoot giantess Q&A’s? You can request your OWN questions to be answered. Slide into my DMs with any ideas you have for future questions 🙂

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