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Becoming a Giantess Goddess

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Becoming a Giantess Goddess

In “Becoming a Giantess Goddess”, Gigi practices her yoga and her spiritual call to Mother Earth. She meditates in a grassy meadow, thanking the universe for her bounty of pleasure. All seems well and peaceful, until a mysterious object is noticed.

Gigi Manor stares intently at the object and is quick to realize that it’s a statue of a little girl. A little girl that looks just like Gigi, but dressed as an angel. Hmm… How peculiar is that? She hesitates in reaching out to touch the statue, as she has the slightest feeling it holds enormous power.

She doesn’t resist for too long before grabbing it, and she instantly feels… different. Her clothes stretch over her soft natural DD tits, and the feeling of growth and expansion has Gigi feeling hornier than ever.

Whilst furiously masturbating in the field, Gigi calls out to Mother Earth. She thanks the small statue that found it’s way to her. “You’re here to give me a sign, aren’t you?” She inquires, fingers deep in her pussy.

“Maybe you’re here to tell me I’m an angel… Or maybe, I’m God.”

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