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Giant Gigi: Volume 1 has the giantess fetish on it's toes

Giant Gigi Volume 1: Giantess Fetish Bundle
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Gigi Manor is an independent giantess fetish porn producer; but of course, if it didn’t sound crazy enough, Gigi actually specializes in these bizarre, fantasy-themed fetishes. To name a few; body inflation with a hint of humiliation and dollification. Endless videos of this girl ripping out of too-tight flannels. Oh, and let’s not forget about the peak of this young woman’s career, My Pleasure: Sneaking Growth Serum into Chick-Fil-A Meals.

At the peak of Gigi’s newfound porn presence, she made a decision to cater almost exclusively to this unusual subset of the fetish community. All are welcome! Growth fetishists, transformationalists, looners, giants, and littles come to Gigi Manor to consume fresh, regular content catered to their imaginative and fantastical needs. This bundle features EVERY video of Gigi Manor where she is the one growing. Any video with clothes ripping or heavily implied growth IS considered “Giantess”…. Er, well, at least giantess enough for Volume 1.

These videos are the real deal; although not an expert in the editing field, Gigi more than compensates with her phenomenal acting and clear dedication to participating fully in the fetish. She often tells her livestreams about her journey in the giantess fetish; how opening up to a world of fantasy and imagination freed her from the chains of sexual shame.

1 thought on “GIANTESS FETISH Compilation: Giant Gigi Volume 1”

  1. Like the lady said this is one heck of a deal! What is so fantastic about Gigi is that she is actually into growth and giantess, not just another actress pretending in order to make a quick buck. She loves to growth and growing! Everyone of these clips is a testament to how much she enjoys and gets off on growth and being a giantess. From her massive growth to skyscraper size to experimenting with tropical growth formulas to her awesome giantess and growth Q&A they are fun to watch over and over! I can’t wait to see what kind of growth she has in store for us next!

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