Gigi Manor

Giantess, Growth Fetish, Fantasy, Erotic Magic, Balloon Play, Shrinking Fantasy

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Giantess Farting

When you took Gigi out for your first date, you didn’t anticipate that the dinner you got her wouldn’t be agreeing with her. Despite that, you have a nice evening together and end up back at her place.

Here, Gigi clearly begins to struggle with some gassiness. Every fart makes her a bit shocked and embarassed, but she quickly notices your growing cock… Is it getting harder every time?

Once she realizes that her farts are growing your cock, she quickly realizes that she’s growing, too. It makes her embrace the gas — and embrace you. In a fit of passion she unzips your jeans, blowing you, farting, and growing you both out of the room.

I might be the only girl in the world who wants to talk about your giantess fetish with you… SLIDE INTO MY DMs. SERIOUSLY. – gigi

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