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Hi. Do you wanna submit your own questions for my next giantess Q&A? Slide into my DMs.

Giantess Q&A #3

Gigi Manor asks your BURNING questions in this real-life giantess Q&A!

1) Let’s say you have the power to change your own size and the size of anyone else at will. How big would you get, and how would it make you feel?

2) What kind of activities would you get up to as a giant? What places in the world would you maybe like to see? Travel would certainly be cheaper.

3) Would you keep all the power to yourself, or would you share it with someone else? A friend, a partner, or more? I imagine there might be a few ways you guys could entertain each other.

4) Do you think the power would eventually go to your head? Perhaps you might see yourself as no longer human, and something more? Something superior?

5) How do you think people would react to seeing you for the first time?

6) How do you think society would accept a woman having such unimaginable power?

7) What sorts of changes would you make to society and the world?

8) Militaries might see you as a threat. How would you react if you and your friend, etc. we’re attacked? Depending on your size you’d likely not be harmed by conventional weapons

9) You’d be the biggest star on the planet. Helicopters following your every step, plastered on every news channel.. how would you handle all of the attention?

10) What are some naughtier activities you’d get up to using your size? (Either solo or with others as before)

11) Hopefully you’d be able to maintain access to your phone as well. Would you enjoy browsing social media, seeing the shots and views of people on the ground as you pass by overhead? Trending everywhere you go

12) Would you still date? Imagine someone’s reaction to meeting you for the first time as the earth is shaking while you approach.

13) Do you think you’d still be the same person when supersized? Or would your confidence or cockiness just be magnified?

14) Would you use this new opportunity to pay a visit to anyone who has wronged you in the past? Perhaps a former lover, or workplace?

15) Finally, when it comes to the size changing, do you prefer growth or shrinking.. or perhaps a combination of both? Would you partake in this in real life if you could? Why or why not?


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