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Horny giantess questions are answered


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Gigi is sporting her most revealing red lingerie and answering your most intimate, horny giantess questions. Hear from a REAL woman who has a REAL kink for transformation and size play; and then she can spoil you in the end with a very BIG surprise! Gigi answers a few basic questions:

1. How does it feel to grow, or to pretend you are growing? Is it always arousing?

2. As far as the growth/giantess fetish are concerned, what’s your number one fantasy?

3. Do you prefer size/giantess play alone, or with a partner?

4. What makes a giantess?

5. How can I best serve you if I want you to be my mommy or domme?

6. What’s your favorite marijuana strain? Which strain is best for growth play?

Get your own giantess questions answered by me! Cum join the fantasy fam and slide into my DMs, they’re always open 🙂 ALL these questions were fan submitted and I love hearing from u guys (I mean obviously cuz u saw how horny it made me lol.)

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