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Giantess Q&A With Me slowly growing the whole 25 minutes

Enjoy a Giantess Q&A where I’m slowly growing the entire duration, and I answer THESE sexy, giantess questions:

  • what’s your experience with vore? would you taste someone for sexual indulgence?
  • can you describe “little sitting” and what that feels like as a giantess?
  • i always have to throw one of these in; as a vengeful giantess, what’s the most obscene thing you would do to a little man at a fraction of your size?
  • what was your first sexual experience with growth that made you realize you were a giantess
  • what’s the appeal to growing slowly, as opposed to quickly stretching up to the skies?
  • what’s the sexiest way to become a giantess (how would u wanna engage your power)
  • what’s the most difficult video you’ve made, be it script, editing, costuming, character work or other
  • what’s your least favorite thing about the fetish?
  • would you ever put a guy in your belly button?
  • have you ever fantasized about being a little? What sort of things would you want your partner (presumably giant/giantess) to do to you?
Get your own giantess questions answered by me! Cum join the fantasy fam and slide into my DMs, they’re always open 🙂 ALL these questions were fan submitted and I love hearing from u guys (I mean obviously cuz u saw how horny it made me lol.)

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