Gigi Manor

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How The Witch Doctor Discovered Her Growth Serum

If you know anything about Gigi Manor, you know that she’s famous for her delectable and kinky growth serum. After countless videos featuring the magical serum, the question has been raised… Where exactly did in come from?

In this dramatic recreation of the deeply impactful historical event, you see a witch doctor conducting a spell amidst her garden of magic plants. She plays seductively with a knife, licking it and using it to scrape a select few plants from her garden.

The combination of these offerings together trigger what she’s been waiting for: sudden, agonizingly horny growth. She can finally become the giantess she was always meant to be… So maybe this isn’t the last time you’ll see The Witch Doctor!

P.S., the growth serum is a real thing that you can really get from me. I send it along with a polaroid photo and a handwritten sexy note. DM me if you’re interested!

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