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Giantess Questions 2: In Lingerie

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Lingerie Giantess Q&A

Gigi is sporting a thong and push-up bra and answering questions about how she would live out her life as a giantess! Hear from a REAL woman who has a REAL kink for transformation and size play answer your burning giantess questions.

1. Would you keep your shrunken man a secret or would you let anyone else know about him?

2. If you could choose to shrink your man down to a certain size what would your favorite size be?

3. What would you enjoy making your shrunken man do for you sexually speaking?

4. What kind of role play would you enjoy most with your shrunken man?

5. Would you enjoy using sex toys to make the experience even more fun?

6. If you were to layout rules for him to follow what would they be?

7. If he were to disobey you or break your rules what kind of punishments could you see yourself dishing out?

Get your own giantess questions answer by me! Cum join the fantasy fam and slide into my DMs, they’re always open 🙂

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