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One Night with a Giantess

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One Night Stand With a Giantess

In “One Night Stand with a Giantess”, Gigi is a powerful executive, attending a work conference with a naughty objective to come out of the event with a one night stand under her belt. Usually, she wouldn’t dare partake in hookups or dating — but this time is different. She scours the professional event looking for a sexy someone to take up to her hotel room. Thankfully, she finds you.

In this steaming hot one night stand with a giantess POV, you watch Gigi struggle with her growth from the moment you enter her room. Her dress makes that unmistakable stretching sound, and she quickly excuses herself to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, things get really intense. She turns on the shower to drown out the sound of her uncontrollable growth. She knows cumming is the only way to return to her non giantess state, so she ferociously rips off her tiny panties and too-small dress… But she’s already been caught. Thankfully growing turns you on, too, because after eating her pussy juices, you expand together, now getting far too massive for the bathroom… And for the bed… And for the room… And for the building.

Can you release Gigi’s orgasm and get  you both back to normal size, before total destruction of the hotel and everyone in it?

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