Gigi Manor

Giantess, Growth Fetish, Fantasy, Erotic Magic, Balloon Play, Shrinking Fantasy


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"Rate of Inflation": Sexy Giantess Accountant Seduction

In this sexy financial role-play, Gigi is advising you on how to grow your finances… And in exchange, you need to grow HER, too!

Gigi is a very strict business woman, and although she expects you to grow her… She wasn’t exactly expecting for you to do it RIGHT NOW. Her buttons pop and her leather pants tighten — which really pisses her off. After all, she’s supposed to be your financial advisor, and you’re being incredibly distracting.

Despite it all, Gigi does eventually give in and start to appreciate the growth. It’s only when her next client knocks on her office door that she gets a little embarrassed by her massive naked body…

P.S., the growth serum is a real thing that you can really get from me. I send it along with a polaroid photo and a handwritten sexy note. DM me if you’re interested!

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