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The Gift of Growth - Giantess Stripper

Gigi is your favorite dancer at the gentlemen’s club you frequent in THE GIFT OF GROWTH.

Tonight you bought her a big gift… although it doesn’t go exactly according to plan. At the end of a dance, when she asks you for more money, you present a big, magical dildo.

Unfortunately, Gigi storms off before you can explain to her that this gift has special power. She asks another stripper to finish your dance, horrifically insulted that you would hand a stripper a sex toy in the middle of a dance.

…However the longer she holds and looks at the dildo, the more she feels something strange coming over her. It seems to pulse in her hand, and a wave of pleasure flows though, her causing a very small growth spurt.

Suddenly turned on more than she has ever been in her life, Gigi runs to the bathroom and locks the door. Bursting the bottom of her outfit open she sinks down and slides the dildo into herself. She begins to shake and quiver with pleasure and growth as she get bigger and bigger. She very quickly outgrows her dildo, but doesn’t seem to mind being the biggest thing in the room. Soon the bathroom and building can no longer take her expanding body, and standing she bursts into the open air as she continues her massive growth spurt to an eruptive and destructive orgasm.

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