Gigi Manor

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Shy Giantess Rips Clothes - Growth Play
This shy gal could have never expected such a hot date.

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Shy Unaware Giantess Rips Out of Her Clothes

Gigi Manor is the sweetest little shy giantess you’ve ever seen… Er, well, maybe not-so-little. She’s meeting you this evening for a blind date — one she isn’t expecting to go super well, on account of her being shy. And of course, there’s the giantess thing.
See, little did you know when you agreed to go on a date with her that this shy gentle giantess had some LOW expectations for her evening. The good news is, you exceeded them tenfold! She really, REALLY didn’t expect someone so attractive to sit across from her. She hides her surprise, and talks to you.
You give her a flattering compliment, one that makes Gigi even MORE shy. Unbeknownst to you, Gigi all along had been hiding a very dark secret. If she gets too excited, her body changes into that of a horny giantess.
Gigi starts trying to calm herself down, knowing that she’s getting too excited with you. Until… she realizes that her lust is starting to get too intense, and soon her demanding giantess side is coming out. 
Sure enough, before she can even excuse herself, she becomes overwhelmed with a sensation, and begins to grow right before your very eyes! This shy giantess is ravenously horny now, and fucks you on the table until the weight of her breaks down.




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2 thoughts on “Unaware Shy Giantess Grows Out of Her Clothes”

  1. gigi manor could you make another growth fetish video just that i wish my shoes were being destroyed by your beautiful and wonderful feet

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