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belly inflation

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A Growing Affair - Belly Inflation

Get ready for some belly inflation, ass expansion and tit growth. You’ve been carrying on this affair for far too long, and your sweet little whore of a mistress caught the feels. Peek in on her as she gets ready for your nightly rendezvous in your bathroom, dressed to the nines in gorgeous dominatrix lingerie. Her silky black straps hug every voluptuous curve of her heavenly body — natural hanging DD breasts bounce softly as she toys with her makeup.

Unfortunately, all good affairs comes to an end… Or, maybe this one doesn’t have to. Gigi is a kinky girl, and when she finds the precious diamond necklace you gifted to your wife, she’s aroused by the idea of wearing it for you on this night. When she tries it on, she realizes it’s not just an expensive diamond. No, this necklace has magical powers. Suddenly, her straps tighten up again.

With the straps tightening and her skin stretching at an alarming rate, your mistress decides to embrace the arousal of her sudden expansion. She hops up on the sink and furiously fucks her pussy with a dildo, continuing her growing and stretching in pleasure. The bigger she gets, though, the smaller the dildo…

How big do you think Gigi will get before she stops herself?

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