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Buttons pop and sleeves really rip off!

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Accidental Giantess Rips Out of Her Clothes

Meet your accidental giantess girlfriend! 

Gigi is on the phone with a friend, talking about how excited she is to meet you. You’re a new, sexy boyfriend of hers, who she sees a real future with. You’re a family man, and invited Gigi to join you and your family and friends at the County Fair in your hometown — and while she’s excited to meet your family, she admits to her girlfriend that she’s thrilled at the prospect of sneaking off to fuck you. Even though you’re shorter than her, your dashing good looks still make her nervous… Maybe even particularly nervous, as she implies she may have a thing for “small guys”.

An attempt is made to get dressed for the evening festivities, but something isn’t right… None of Gigi’s clothes are fitting anymore. She struggles for a little bit and weakly exclaims that’s she doesn’t know what’s happening. But she DOES know what’s happening — you got her excited, and when Gigi gets excited, she can’t help but rip out of her clothes and turn into a horny Giantess.

She’s resisting her urge to grow out of control, but eventually rips her plaid button up shirt and pops the buttons, with a lot of close-up clothes ripping shots. Of course, she ends up an accidental giantess. She ends this endeavor by FaceTiming you to explain that she can’t join you at the fair anymore because she’s “grown” a little too horny for you. She invites you over instead, warning that if you join her, you might end up growing, too.

If you didn’t pick up on it… I kinda have a thing for fantasy. What’s yours? Msg me and let me know, i’ll msg back <3 – gigi

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