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Giantess, Growth Fetish, Fantasy, Erotic Magic, Balloon Play, Shrinking Fantasy

I've just never found someone who fits with me...


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Camp Counselor Giantess

In this camp counselor roleplay/giantess POV, we see two lonely camp counselors, both virgins in their early twenties, celebrating the final day of camp with some beer and some mischief.

Our friends insist on a game of spin the bottle to speed up the drinking: either kiss the person, or take a drink. Gigi is a pretty straight laced, 20 year old counselor and has been flirting with you all summer. The first spin, the bottle lands on you and her! But she just can’t bring herself to make it happen.

When the bottle comes around to you, she changes her mind, comfortable with you pursuing the kiss. All of your friends step away to give you some privacy, noting that there’s been some sexual tension between you two all summer.

That’s when Gigi confides in you — she’s a virgin. “I’ve just never found someone who FITS with me.” The more vulnerable she gets, the more it feeds into your flirtatious attitude, which eventually leads to a game of 7 Minutes in Heaven.

During 7 minutes in heaven, Gigi tells you the real truth about why she’s a virgin.

She’s LITERALLY never found someone who fits her. As she gets more aroused, it becomes clear — her breasts are swelling. She gradually becomes taller… Gigi grows when she’s horny! Excitedly, you happen to share the same talent, and as her tits swell, you unleash your actively growing cock.

What better time to lose your virginity than at summer camp, with someone who truly “fits you”?

Psst. Hey, it’s me. Are you into this stuff? If you are, you should slide into my DMs, I’ve been known to sext back 😉

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