Gigi Manor

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Foot and Breast Giantess Growth

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Giantess Foot & Breast Growth

Gigi Manor is just an average housewife doing some Spring cleaning in this giantess foot growth porn clip.
She’s going through her belongings when she finds a book she’s never seen before: it’s a book of spells. Curious, she toys with some of the language, cursing herself to rapidly progressing giantess foot and breast growth.
The growth happens faster than she ever would have thought; ALL of the growth. Foot growth, boob growth, thigh growth, you name it. She rips out of her clothes, buttons popping and leggings tearing.
Her breasts expand massively and she rips out of her shoes and socks. Foot growth lovers and giantess lovers can really unite in this super hot and exciting growth clip by Giantess Gigi Manor.
Join the fantasy fam for more personalized growth, foot, kink and fetish content!

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