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Growth Cream

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Rubbing my Muscles with Growth Cream

You’re probably already familiar with Gigi’s signature growth serum, but have you ever tried growth cream? This mysterious substance is what Gigi uses when her muscles get sore after a long day at the gym. In the absence of muscle rub, she decides a nice massage should do the trick on her aching bones and muscles.

If you think this is going to be a “lotion-ing up” fetish video, you are partially right. A lot of it is applying cream to her arms, to her belly, to her boobs… And lastly, to her legs, thighs, and ass.

But eventually, the cooling massage of this moisturizing cream begins to make Gigi’s blood pump. She suddenly feels more swollen and pumped up than she did during her workout! As the symptoms of growth begin to arise, by time she realizes it’s too late to stop herself. The clasps on her bra bend and unhook under the pressure; her pants rip open at the seams. She enjoys her growth thoroughly, realizing that this “growth cream” is definitely better than ANY other muscle rub.

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