Gigi Manor

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Nerdy Brunette Grows Your Muscles and Cock

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Male Muscle and Cock Growth Encouragement Parts 1 & 2

PART 1: Get ready for some steaming hot muscle growth encouragement. In this POV, Gigi has a New Years resolution — she wants to feel super duper tiny, and she wants to grow your muscles and cock. To knock off a few sizes, she’ll jog a few miles, make some dietary changes, and make sure that YOU’RE as big as you can possibly be with constant loving encouragement.

True, you haven’t been working out too long… But every time Gigi walks in the door she can’t help but notice your muscles increasingly pumped up. The thought of your muscles AND cock growing makes her so flustered. She sees you grow inches over the course of hours. And she really, really loves how small you make her feel when you grow.

This is part 1 of a 2 part roleplay — it is 18 minutes of male muscle and cock growth encouragement and some JOI. There’s definitely hints of a girlfriend experience in how encouraging and loving Gigi is. Part 2 will show a more intimate POV where she might do some growing herself!

PART 2: When Gigi first came in, she wanted to be super tiny. But when she saw how your muscles pumped up and your shoulders grew broader every day, she realized that, with encouragement, maybe growing wouldn’t be so bad after all… Gigi sucks your massive 12 inch cock until you precum in her mouth and make her tits grow and grow!



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