Gigi Manor

Giantess, Growth Fetish, Fantasy, Erotic Magic, Balloon Play, Shrinking Fantasy

male muscle growth worship
Muscle growth makes me bend at your knee in worship. Keep growing. Grow for me.


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Muscle Growth Worship POV wITH Weight Humping

Gigi Manor stars in this muscle growth worship POV. If you know Gigi, you know she has a tendency to worship your muscles as they develop.

What you don’t know is the origin of the growth kink.

Here’s the real story, and I’m gonna be straight up. Gigi developed this kink because of you. Because muscle growth worship is what fuels her. She’s been watching you doing your workouts… And she saw magic come to life before her eyes. Your muscles are made for it. They have grown every day, and she finds she can’t even look over at a dumbbell without thinking of how horny they make her.

Gigi describes every delicious detail of your big amazing arms, your rock hard pecs and grapefruit calves amidst her pathetic submissive worship. It’s mostly a male muscle growth dirty talk porn, but then the dumbbell gets too distracting… And she can’t help but hump the weight as she describes every irresistibly big muscle that cloud her mind.

She grinds the weight until she cums. This POV is from the male dom perspective.

Psst hi. It’s me gigi. I’m actually a sub in real life and I wanna actually worship your muscles…. soooooo… slide into my DMs?

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