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My Giantess Roommate Porn Clip
MY GIANTESS ROOMMATE: The "G" Doesn't Stand for Gigi

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My Giantess Roommate

Your (soon-to-be giantess) roommate, Gigi, is already busy with pleasuring herself when you decide to barge into her bedroom unannounced with a gift — A golden “G” pin. Gigi accepts the gift, thinking it’s pretty cool to have a solid gold pin with her initial. But unfortunately, this isn’t a good enough reaction for you. You’re super demanding and insist she try on the pin, because that pin holds one of your very kinky secrets. You’ve had a giantess fetish for a long time, but never had you encountered an item so powerful it would grow anyone who put it on. As soon as Gigi pins the G to her shirt, you hear the unmistakable stretching noise. Gigi is becoming your giantess roommate before your very eyes.

Her buttons pop off her shirt and her once B sized breasts overflow the cups of her pushup bra. Though Gigi is in pain, she eventually concedes that the growing is very pleasurable. And you get to watch her as she struggles and grows! This POV features an overhead and a POV angle for maximum sexiness. Giantess Gigi grows before your very eyes, crying in pleasure at the thought of growing the bed. Because she’s so turned on, she can’t help but finger herself viciously until your giantess roommate explodes in pleasure. You get to watch your roommate grow, thrash, and cum in pleasure as she rips out of her clothes to become the amazing giantess roommate of your dreams.

It isn’t until she finally cums that she realizes the “G” didn’t stand for Gigi.

Psst. Hey, it’s me. Are you into this stuff? If you are, you should slide into my DMs, I’ve been known to sext back 😉

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