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My Pleasure Chick Fil-A Porn Growth Porno

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This is a hilarious Chick-fil-a porn parody: “My Pleasure – The Chick Fil-A Porn”. Gigi has been known to play a little mischievous when it comes to growing her men with her magical Growth Serum. Now, at a humble day job, she’s found a way to grow customers with BIG appetites into BIIIIIIIIG customers.

In this POV roleplay porno, Gigi is your average fast food worker at Chick fil-A. Well, at least YOU think she’s average. She’s chatty and natural throughout the video, but harbors a deep secret behind the walls of the kitchen. She slipped the growth serum into your meal.

Which made you come back for more.

This time you’re ordering double. Gigi is visibly nervous, seeing as you’re growing taller each time you return to the counter. She’s happy to serve you a 3rd and 4th meal, but she slipped the growth serum into those, too!

You return to the counter and announce that you want everything on the menu. Gigi is immediately turned on by the sight of your growing, and even more wet and eager at the thought of you wanting to consume everything in the store to keep up with your new growth. So, Gigi goes into the back office for a little… release. You catch her in the act, and since the customer is always right, now it’s about YOUR pleasure, not hers.

While you’re here, you might as well pop over and say hi to me. I know you’re intrigued by my weird mysterious fetish porn manor.

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