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Nurse Gigi Goes to a BIG Halloween Party

Nurse Gigi has had a long shift at the hospital. Though it’s been an exhausting day, she can’t help but be intrigued by the super-sexy Dr. Luke. He’s throwing a Halloween party tonight, and he invited Gigi to come hang out after her shift. She was excited to go until she realized this party would be a little… Risky.

Dr. Luke tells her that every year, the nurses at the hospital all compete on who can wear the sluttiest outfit. Totally not Gigi’s style! He also asks her to bring a nasal cannula and a tank of something special from his office. Wanting to be ambitious, Gigi endows herself with a skimpy, sexy nurse costume and thigh high six inch heeled boots. She also does a little pregaming at the hospital, inhaling a little bit of Dr. Luke’s special tank.

At first, the euphoria of the high is exciting and gives her the confidence she needs to go to the party. Unfortunately, Gigi doesn’t make it out of the hospital, because…. Well, she started growing, and now she’s stuck in the hallway.

Enjoy Gigi, panicked and fear stricken, stretching as wide as the hospital hallways, yelling in terror at her uncontrollable growth until she bursts through the walls of the building!


I took a little break from uploading, but not from onlyfans! Definitely join the fantasy fam and see for yourself 🙂


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