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Growing his cock with Gigi Manor's magical growth serum.

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Public Anal Birthday Surprise

Happy birthday, handsome, and welcome to your Public Anal Surprise! Gigi is dressed to the nines to impress her man on her birthday, especially because she has so many naughty surprises up her sleeve.

Before dinner, Gigi poured her signature Growth Serum into your drink, knowing it’s affects would make you ravenously horny…. And maybe willing to do something you wouldn’t usually do, like have sex in public.

She teases you throughout dinner, flashing her pussy under the table and biting her lip with longing in her eyes. She can only imagine the cock growth happening inside your pants, as you start to swell and get ready to fill her up and fulfill your fantasy in one go…

At coat check, things get a little nasty when the attendants have to leave for a bit. Alone in the coat closet of a fancy restaurant, Gigi can’t help but keep teasing you. She flashes her ass, slaps your bum, and teases you about the surprise that awaits you at home.

But patience in not something you and Gigi can grasp right about now. The growth serum has made you unbelievably horny, and as you throw Gigi against the wall, you realize she’s wearing your favorite perfume. Her goal tonight was to make you absolutely crazy for her. Without panties and with your ever growing cock, there’s only one thing to do. You push Gigi against the wall and fuck her POV. She cuts pretty quickly, admitting that she made your cock bigger than usual…

Because she wants you to fuck her in the ass. And she wants you to do it now.

Enjoy this POV public anal porno with some growth elements thrown in — oh, and happy birthday.

Hey birthday boy. Is Public Anal Surprise the right fit for you? If not, I know that there’s something I can do to make your fantasy come true. Msg me 🙂

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