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Sucking the Smarts Out Jock Growth Porn POV

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Sucking the Smarts Out: Jock Growth Porn POV

Gigi Manor is bringing back her famously sexy desk and giving us a private tutoring session in Sucking the Smarts Out – Jock Growth Porn POV.

Were you ever picked on for being the wimp at school?

Do you find yourself being made fun of for the size of your brain by big, burly meatheads who spend their day at the gym?

Gigi Manor teaches a class of adults, and finds herself particularly drawn to the malnourished, lanky, brainy student who sits in the front of her class. He’s been getting picked on by the jocks for being such a small, wimpy man… Thankfully, Ms. Manor knows exactly the cure. Her erotic magic and powerful mantras guide this POV wimp to take steps towards growing into the muscular physique he always fantasized having. His calves bulge, his arms pump up, and his cock hardens. With a few private tricks, she GROWS her POV student to capacity… But before he can get too excited about it, she has one last thing to do.

Gigi blows his cock and sucks all of the smarts out of his head, essentially bimbofying our new muscle-headed POV. It’s the only way to make the jock growth stick! True, he may not get the best grades anymore, but now at least he’s big enough to fuck Ms. Manor the way she deserves.

It’s always fun to roleplay as a sexy teacher, especially in a jock growth porn clip. I do, however, want to stress that this is a completely fictitious scenario which is meant to portray adults 18 and over. And hey, if you’re 18 or older… you should slide into my DMs.

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