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Your Boss the Giantess
Your boss wants to reward you with a raise.


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Your Boss, the Giantess

Gigi Manor plays your stern, sexy boss in this kinky giantess roleplay.
You come into work for your quarterly performance review, and Ms. Gigi Manor is playing the part of your boss, sitting behind a desk and addressing the details of your work file.
You might not be the best employee, but you have finances at stake. As a last ditch effort, you begin to flood your boss with compliments. At that point, it becomes clear… She has something to hide. She gets flustered, adjusting in her seat, urging you to maintain professionalism in this super kinky roleplay scenario.
As the compliments flood in, your boss begins to reveal her true form… a ravenously horny giantess! Her breasts pop the buttons on her blazer. Her belly expands out of her pencil skirt, and her cherished necklace breaks off in a particularly aggressive growth spurt.

Truthfully, the growing is too much for your boss to handle. Being a giantess is simply too taxing on her pussy — so you have to relieve the pressure. If you can do your boss the giantess this solid, and get her off real quick, she’ll make sure that you get all the money you need from work.

Giantess Gigi is the best boss EVER! She cradles you after she’s expanded beyond the size of the building, showering you in affection for making her as big as she always wanted.

Wanna roleplay with me? Seriously consider joining the fantasy fam. I DM everyone over there and we have a blast!

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