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Your Date Slipped You the Growth Fetish Serum

Your date slips you her growth fetish serum in this hot growing clip. And honestly, this probably isn’t what you were expecting to happen.


A gorgeous girl stands in the kitchen, cooking for her date. She’s breaking out all the stops. Tablecloth, check. Flowers, check. Candles, check. The atmosphere is nearly perfect — just like the girl who’s door your about to knock on.


Her massive tits can’t hide beneath the faux modesty of her sweet little pink dress. Her bare legs remind you that this is the date where you might get lucky. Wined and dined. Perhaps you’ll be able to slip a hand up her bare thigh during dinner, or just fuck the whole supper and throw her onto the table for some passionate sex. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to be her play thing, and you never expected… Well, maybe you did; that she would slip the Growth Fetish Serum into your meal.


Now, you’ll expand and plump up with every bite. You’ll rip out of your clothes. She has a thing for big men, but you knew that, didn’t you? Let your cock swell up. Let your inhibitions go.


Let yourself grow into Gigi’s perfect play thing.

I promise that even though I “slipped something into your drink” in this clip, I do NOT condone or practice that behavior IRL. Let yourself get swept away in the fantasy, but don’t carry this one with you into your real life lol. DM me if you wanna chat.

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