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Making You My Balloon Boy - Balloon Grinding

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Making You My Balloon Boy - Balloon Grinding

In “Making You My Balloon Boy – Balloon Grinding”, Gigi does a lot more than just humping latex.

She meets you in a café. She’s sexy, alone, and toying with a balloon, which turns you on beyond comprehension. You strike up a conversation with her and she’s immediately willing to play with you… Assuming you make one important sacrifice.

You must do WHATEVER she wants, and she wants you to turn into a balloon.

You turn into a helpless, flaccid lump of latex on the café table. She pockets you, fills you up with helium, and takes you back to her house to use as a helpless, filthy little sex toy. She’s certainly balloon grinding on her little Balloon Boy… But also, she uses it’s string to flick at her nipples. Her pussy is grinding on you POV style through the transparent latex before she cums and watches you float away.

This is my most high-effort and in depth shot at doing looner porn stuff. What do you guys think? Slide into my DMs and LMK 🙂 -gigi

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