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Bloated GND Fucks & Inflates You GFE POV

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Bloated Girl Next Door Fucks & Inflates You GFE POV

You’re dating the cute chubby girl next door. Her curly brown bangs and glasses give off hot-nerd vibes, and you’ll catch her laugh and giggle throughout the clip, really making you believe she’s your sweet, loving, and kinky girlfriend. She loves to have fun, and buys a LOT of Chinese food for your date… It’s made her belly super bloated, and yours too! Some play wrestling POV leads to Gigi stripping down to her birthday suit and blowing you, fucking you, and inflating you limb by limb. She blows your cock to be as big and as hard as possible, and lets you inflate her already massive tits one by one. This is a relatively tame inflation/growth kink POV, mostly centered around oral sex, intercourse, and growth related dirty talk.

This is my most high-effort and in depth shot at doing looner porn stuff. What do you guys think? Slide into my DMs and LMK 🙂 -gigi

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