Gigi Manor

Giantess, Growth Fetish, Fantasy, Erotic Magic, Balloon Play, Shrinking Fantasy

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Inflating Step-Sister with 420 Growth Serum POV

When your older step-sister walks into your room unannounced, you know shit is about to go down. Most boys would be embarrassed if they were caught masturbating, but in this POV, what you do behind closed doors is much more mysterious and magical than that.

Your bedroom smells like normal 420 smoke — and your step-sister insists she knows what you’re up to. But the truth is, she has no idea you were in the middle of a highly erotic experience; smoking growth serum out of a bong. Inflating Step-Sister with 420 Growth Serum is a one-take POV growth role-play, including smoking, softcore nudity, giantess role-play and inflation sound special effects.

You watch your step-sisters tits grow out of her low-cut romper, knowing full well that with every puff she’s inflating, growing, expanding… And just being turned on by your inflatable step-sister is making you grow, too. Growing makes you hornier, being hornier makes you grow.

Growing makes you hornier.

Being hornier makes you grow.

Grows makes you hornier…

FEATURING: Gigi Manor, Step-sister step-brother roleplay, family taboo, software nudity, smoking, POV blowjob

There’s a little blooper bit at the end of this video, but I also posted a LOT of behind the scenes stuff on onlyfans lmao, including the footage of me getting way too high whilst trying to film the first time. Definitely join the fantasy fam and see for yourself 🙂

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