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Inflating You with 420 Smoke

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Inflating You With 420 Smoke

Gigi Manor is excited to present this custom commission, Inflating You With 420 Smoke!

She excitedly introduces her situation — her tolerance has grown a bit high. It’s getting more and more difficult to get stoned from regular old THC. So basically…. It’s time to introduce her bong to her famous Growth Serum.

Last time Gigi ingested her growth serum, we all know what happened. She ripped out of her shirt and couldn’t help but consume more and more… And this isn’t going to be any exception. The growth washes over Gigi and she strips naked, touches herself and describes every achingly beautiful detail of her expansion.

Then, thankfully, Gigi decides to share. This is where we switch to POV; Gigi blows all of her growth serum/weed mixture straight into your cock. Your tummy to expands! She sucks and kisses your package, eventually deciding to blow the smoke directly into your belly button….

Until you pop 🙁

Thankfully, after you pop, the room fills with the smoke you once contained. Now Gigi gets to chill in her hotbox! She decides to keep playing with her pussy until she has a beautiful, explosive orgasm, stoned out of her sweet little mind.

There’s a little blooper bit at the end of this video, but I also posted a LOT of behind the scenes stuff on onlyfans lmao, including the footage of me getting way too high whilst trying to film the first time. Definitely join the fantasy fam and see for yourself 🙂

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