Gigi Manor

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Foot to Paw Werewolf Transformation

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Gigi Werewolf Manor: Werewolf Transformation

In this werewolf transformation porn clip, Gigi has been working full time at an experimental DNA lab in the city, working on researching the replication of wolf DNA in humans.

Unfortunately, Gigi was accidentally exposed to the chemicals in her lab. Therefore, her company has sent her to a remote location in a wooded area to document her experience of werewolf transformation during her first full moon. Nervous, Gigi pulls out her phone and attempts to document her feelings… But when her feet start to develop pads, grow longer, and start to grow claws, she realizes she could be in for a fun time after all!

Her body stretches in size and grows hair. Her eyes become keen, and she strips to nothing. The werewolf transformation really worked, and it wasn’t nearly as scary as she had anticipated. Naked and embracing the moon, Gigi Werewolf Manor falls to all fours, howling at full volume.

This is not a special effects clip. It is a story driven transformation fantasy.

I love transformation, growth fetish, and all things fantasy. If u want, you can join my “fantasy fam”. We brainstorm new video ideas and post stripshows and have exclusive pricing on my videos. Slide into my DMs 🙂

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  8. I bought it some time ago… no regrets, I loved your performance. Have you ever thought about doing something with some props (fangs, claws, some fake hair) in the future?

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