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Revenge on cheating ex vore pov

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Revenge on Cheating Ex Vore POV

In “Revenge on Cheating Ex – Vore POV”, bitter ex girlfriend Gigi convinced you to come over.

You’ve been broken up, but she still wants you… And you’re too weak to resist breakup sex with an old flame.

Little did you know, her plan was malicious all along. “I would never hurt or betray you. Just like you would never hurt or betray me, right?” She teases. That’s when you know you messed up.

She shrunk you to two inches tall in this vore pov, and now you don’t have a fighting chance. Not against this vengeful ex. “Should I call your girlfriend and let her know where you are?” She mocks, simmering you on the stove. She teases you with her mouth before executing her final cruel and unusual revenge.

This was such a fun vore pov clip to make! Please know before you purchase that there isn’t a lot of footage within my mouth, it’s mostly tension and storytelling. Join me and the rest of the fantasy fam for more fantasy stories.

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