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The Sissy Little Pixie Porno Cover

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The Sissy Little Pixie

In The Sissy Little Pixie, Gigi plays a character not unlike herself. Laid back, alt, stoner, badass. Unfortunately, she just got dumped by her boyfriend 🙁

Instead of partying with her girlfriends or having rebound sex, she decides she wants her revenge to be… sweeter.

She looks up sissification curses to turn her ex into the little fucking bitch boy he is. She tries to no avail to turn him into a sissy little pixie. Frustrated with her lack of ability to curse her boyfriend, she smokes a bowl or two before trying again.

She yells out the curse and finally gets something to work! Unfortunately, next thing we know, it’s been hours. Gigi cursed HERSELF by accident! Now she’s a sissy little pixie, 1/4th her regular size. Growth play! How fun. Her ripped jeans and jacket are now replaced with long gloves and a floofy princess dress.

She goes around exploring her house as a sissy little pixie. Eventually she gets into her box and finds a BIG dildo. Aroused by the sight of such a huge cock, our little pixie can’t help but rub her clit until she erupts into orgasm! Maybe being a shrunken isn’t so bad after all.


If you wish I turned my boyfriend into a little sis… Well, you’re in luck. Msg me for details 😉


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